An Apology

An Apology

Hi all,

We have a favour to ask and an apology to make. We’re a relatively new start up broadband business trying our damdest to disrupt the world of slow ass broadband and replace with next generation stupidly fast MultiGig broadband, and we’re doing good. Like really good. People are realising that we can’t take slow, laggy, last decade connections anymore, we all need to be connected to a connection that could launch us to the moon, and we can do exactly that.

However, during our growth period, we got a few things wrong, some customers recieved sub-par customer service, had issues with our portal and other systems, and rightly you let us know that this wasn't acceptable. We live in a world where 100% is the norm, we must deliver outstanding customer service we have to deliver for our customers full stop, and we didn’t.

Saying it wasn’t our fault isn’t good enough, because you put your trust in us,
and therefore it is us. So, we're sorting out that issue, we are currently working with a great company to bring new software to Yayzi, a brand-new seamless order journey, backed with great customer support, and brand-new portals to allow you to have full control over your bills, connections and support (should you need it). We’ve also taken on some super experienced people, we’ve got investment, moved to a bigger building, even bought a beer and cold drinks fridge for the team!

We are genuinely sorry to all the customers we let down who went on to give us crap reviews, if we were in your position, we’d have done the same. But we also ask, that if you have had a good experience with us, that you please give us a good review on Trustpilot.

Our score is really, not great. It's not anywhere near a level we would consider acceptable, but we also know that improvements we have already made have started to have a positive impact, and we do know we have a lot of happy customers, but still lots of room for improvements that you'll see over the next few months.

We are on a mission to build a business that can take on the big boys, the companies that can over charge for shitty, slow, unsatisfactory internet, and build a business designed for the future, a company that has your lifestyle and how you connect at its heart, knowing what you need and how you need to be treated, we’ve got this and we will deliver.

Any help you can give with our ratings so we can carry on our mission would be amazing, if you’ve had a bad experience, please let us know and give us chance to fix it and we hope we can turn some negative experiences into positive. 

Thank you,

The boys and girls at Yayzi Broadband